As stated in the company’s Mantra, our primary objective is to help as many people as possible, and our primary expertise is in the skill of shooting a basketball. As former NBA players and shooting coaches, we intend to share our knowledge of that subject through our two custom self-teaching shooting instruction videos. However, the late Hall of Fame Coach John Wooden not only taught basketball, but valuable life lessons as well. After winning 10 National Championships as Head Men’s Basketball Coach at UCLA, he spent the rest of his life teaching the “Pyramid of Success” to people of all ages, no matter their age or profession.


Our company has formed an alliance with Wooden’s Wisdom, an entertaining personal development email program. Those that receive the weekly issues will enjoy and benefit from what the greatest basketball coach of all time had to say about all aspects of the game, as well as his other teachings that can help anyone live a more productive and successful life.

Del Harris, our Chairman and Mark Price, head of our instruction team, have both received the prestigious John Wooden “Keys to Life” Award. Coach Andrews enjoyed a long friendship with Coach Wooden after 1992 when she was named Disney Teacher of the Year and Wooden was named Honorary Disney Teacher of the Year. Gary Boren, our President, has served as National Marketing Director of Wooden’s Wisdom for several years and Craig Impelman, Member of our Advisory Board of Directors and Wooden family member, is President and Author of Wooden’s Wisdom. We certainly encourage all players, coaches and fans to take full advantage of this timeless educational opportunity.

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