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The three-point shot is the most important and exciting skill in basketball.  The free throw is also important and the ability to make both shots has remained constant for many years.  Under Chairman Del Harris, Basketball Shooting, LLC was created to fill that instruction void.

In any athletic endeavor, the athlete thinks they know what they are doing, but don’t until filmed properly. In How to Make Three-Point Shots, and How to Make Free Throws, Mike Dunleavy provides critical self-filming instructions and Mike Dunleavy, Jr. demonstrates perfect shooting form.  Users of the teaching system are provided lists of the 24 most common three-point shooting faults and the 36 most common free throw shooting faults, lists created by Mark Price and Gary Boren. By comparing how you currently shoot with the lists of shooting faults, you will see what needs to be corrected and quickly improve.  

Mark Price, leader of our instruction team, is one of only eight players in the super-exclusive 50-40-90 club…NBA players who for an entire season had shooting percentages of 50% from the field, 40% from the three-point line and 90% on free throws. The other players are Larry Bird, Malcolm Brogdon, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki.

Gary Boren was the Free Throw Shooting Coach for the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and for 20 years, the Dallas Mavericks. He also gave clinics to over 50 Division I college coaching staffs, per the many video and written endorsements found elsewhere on this website. The proven self-teaching systems offered here can help any player improve their shooting.

Both self-teaching systems are offered in English or Mandarin, and with additional translations, will eventually be available for over 450 million players worldwide.  Our instruction team has 133 years of NBA experience and if you want to shoot three-pointers and free throws better, this proven teaching system can help you.  Use this information and you will have more fun playing basketball.  Making shots is fun!