Instructions for Use


Filming your Shot is Very Important

It is important that the person filming you is doing so with your smartphone.

If you are filmed as described in our instruction, it will be easy for you to identify which of the most common shooting faults you need to correct.

Use a Computer for Analysis of your Shot

For the analysis of every detail about your shot, a larger computer screen is better. It will also be easy to collaborate with a friend, parent or coach.


Work on Each Shooting Fault Until it is Corrected

Go through every shooting fault listed to see which ones apply to you. Of those that do, some will be easy to correct and others will take more time, but they are all important. You will be changing your muscle-memory, so if it takes longer than you want on some of the items, don’t be discouraged. You are your own coach, so focus your practices on every item identified until they are all corrected. Making shots is fun and we want you to have as much fun as possible.